One of the most critical things you can do to stand out and get your house sold quickly is to hire a professional photographer. Photos make a world of difference and will essentially be the deciding factor on whether a potential buyer will come tour the property. We personally use Front Porch Media in Olympia and he provided us this checklist to help get your house ready to list!

  1. No cars in the driveway or in front of the residence. 
  2. Please remove for sale sign from yard. 
  3. Remove all items from the countertops. (kitchen/bathrooms/etc) 
  4. Clear kitchen sink. (no dishes/sponges/scrubbies/etc) 
  5. Remove all items on the refrigerator. (pictures/magnets/etc) 
  6. Remove all dated materials from view. (magazines/newspapers/etc) 
  7. Close all toilet seats and lids. 
  8. Hide family pictures if and when possible. 
  9. Remove robes, clothes, and bath towels from bathrooms (color coordinated hand towels and wash cloths are OK) 
  10. Remove all bath products from tub/showers. (soap/shampoo/loofah/razors/etc) 
  11. Clear bedside tables. (no books/jewelry/cosmetics/etc) 
  12. Hide remote controls.
  13. If TV's are in closable cabinets, close it. 
  14. Please turn on all lights prior to photographer arrival. 
  15. Please turn all fans off prior to photographer arrival. 
  16. Please open/adjust all window blinds and window treatments. 
  17. Uncover all patio furniture including grill. 
  18. Remove all seasonal materials. (Christmas/Halloween/etc) 
  19. When possible arrange furniture in a way to minimize clutter and maximize space. 

We hope this helps! If you're looking to sell please or simply looking to weigh your options please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Front Porch Media: